Cookie Policy

Cookies- the miniscule files are of great assistance to us in remembering you and your choices. By this, we present you those options and alternates, which we feel are your favorite, as interpreted with your past activities, views, and preferences. The cookies create a customized set of your choices for a better experience with Friday Bug.

Cookies Explained

Cookies are a very small text file of a simple Java Programs, which are transferred to your device when you access our website. They are created and deployed to remember your information so that you need not provide it again and again. They help you to be signed-in across different devices and also help us in understanding the way people are using the services. This way we can update and improve the performance of the website as well.

Various kinds of cookies are there for gathering different pieces of information.

Our Cookies Usage uses cookies for the following purposes:

• To analyze your usage of the various content available

• Getting you a greater, tailored experience

• Recognizing your commenting credentials

• ‘Performance-cookies’ are used to ensure that website is performing properly or any error needs to be fixed.

The cookies cannot read your computer or mobile or read any data available there. They cannot even facilitate any malware/Trojan to get into the system.

Cookies from other sources-like those transferred by the ad-servers perform in the same way to provide the ads, shown interest in, earlier. The privacy and cookie policy of those companies are not the same as the The Privacy policy and cookies policy must be gone through at their websites.

Blocking third-party cookies

Blocking those cookies might result in a troubled performance of the website and you may face some problem with your account.

Changing the cookies settings

Few important features of the website may not work properly without the cookies and completely switching them off might affect the way you use & enjoy our services.

For proper functioning, a different set of cookies, termed as “Strictly Necessary Cookies’-, are by default on in your web browsers which can be turned off in the browser settings. ‘Functional cookies’ -giving you a personalized experience and easy access and the ‘Performance Cookies’- checking website performance, can be turned on or off there. Similarly, the Third-party cookies can also be changed accordingly.