Privacy Policy

The privacy policy delineates the usage and confidentiality of the information you share with our site. Here along with providing the best possible stuff, we make sure that your privacy is protected as well. When information is produced by your side, it is processed in accordance with this policy. The actual statement and rules may change from time to time but ethics are always for the best interest of the users. For any information or the updates in policy, this page must be checked on.

Respecting your privacy we want to make you know how we use your information provided to us. The privacy policy explains our procedure regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and transfer of your information by Friday Bug website.

The privacy policy is applicable to the person accessing the website and seeking services (referred to as ‘You’, ‘Your’ ‘User’). In the whole context, We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘Company’, shall interpret

1. User-Provided Information

Commenting on a video requires your Name, Email address, and your website (optional). This information can be saved in the browser for easy commenting next time. These settings are for your convenience so that you do not have to provide those credentials again. The cookies used for the purpose will last for one year only.

2. Information from other sources

Geographical location, type of device in use, the browser, and the operating system is also auto-tracked to provide you more targeted options and promotions. We use Google Analytics, to track user behavior on our Sites. Google Analytics specifically has been enabled to support display advertising towards helping us gain an understanding of our users’ demographics and interests. The reports thus developed are anonymous and cannot be related to any personally identifiable information that you might have shared here.

Embedded content: The website may have the embedded-content from the other sites and accessing that portion is similar to accessing that website. They may collect data through their cookies or third-party tracking and monitor the interaction as well. The privacy policy and T&C of those websites shall come into play for that embedded content.

Links to third party sites/Ads: We may include some links to the other websites/applications which are governed by their privacy policy. The data collected and the respective usage will be based on the policy employed by them and the users are required to check that accordingly.

We never provide any personally identifiable information to third party websites /advertisers / ad-servers, on our own in any circumstances (excluding the situations mentioned in section 4 of this Privacy Policy Statement).

3. Data tracked while navigation

To get you a better browsing experience, we also use cookies to collect information for delivering a list of personalized choices based on the preferences. These simple cookies take note of the content you prefer and help us in better-targeted communications. They are not able to read your device/system or scan any data there.

4. Sharing User Information

Friday Bug can share your information with a third-party without your prior permission in only these two circumstances:

a). When it is required by law, court, or governmental agency for the purpose of identification/verification or for any such investigation for the prosecution or punitive actions.

b). We can share the information within our group to conduct business operations or with the different companies of our group. We ensure that they process the information in the same way as we do, i.e. in accordance with this privacy policy only.

5. Amendments and Updates

Continuous changes and evolvement in technology, the applicable laws, and their variants are timely amended and to keep pace with them, the privacy policy might be required to change accordingly and to incorporate the relevant factors. At the sole discretion, Friday Bug may change the privacy policy at any time without prior notification and the updated version will immediately be in effect. The information sharing is always in accordance with the latest updated version so users are advised to timely check the policy statements, to be aware of the latest and effective version.